25 April 2012

And it begins.

This is Holger. This is the party at the pub around the corner from our place where we had a going away party. He was the third ERASMUS student to leave. Bittersweet. I leave in 18 days (from April 30).

23 April 2012


It’s not too clear, but it hailed today. For a good few mins. Emma and I scrambled for our cameras.

16 April 2012

I really enjoy flowers. Cannot remember where I took this one.

April 16 was “flower”.

12 April 2012

The lovely Mariangela

Special thanks to Mariangela for starring in another photo. Way too cute.

April 12 was “stairs”. These are in the fern garden at Blarney Castle.

11 April 2012

I love cereal. I think I'll go have a bowl.

April 11 was “where you ate breakfast”. It was on the sofa. As per the usual.

10 April 2012

A witch's hearth...and gorgeous stone.

It’s a cold hearth, get it? April 10 was “cold”.

9 April 2012

Maybe my favorite pic of self ever.

I don’t care that this pic is completely out of focus. Because I can still remember the drastic fluttering of my tummy as I was swinging. And that means so much more.

April 9 was “a younger you”.